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Soft Tissue Procedures

Soft Tissue Procedures

What is a soft tissue procedure?

A soft tissue procedure is one that does not involve teeth or bone.

Why am I having a soft tissue procedure?

Typically, such a procedure is required to investigate lesions affecting the lining of the mouth. It might involve the complete removal of a lesion such as a small swelling or alternatively, a representative piece might be taken of a larger or more widespread lesion for the purposes of investigation.

The soft tissue that has been removed will be sent to an appropriate laboratory for examination under a microscope. A report will then be prepared regarding the nature of the lesion.

How long will the operation take?

An appointment for surgery under local anaesthesia usually lasts 60 minutes. A further appointment will be organized once the report is available from the laboratory to discuss this and to review the healing at the operation site.

Will there be any stitches?

Sometimes stitches are needed and they are usually dissolvable.
If non-dissolvable stitches are used, they are quick and easy to remove. An appointment will be arranged for this, usually one week after surgery.

Will I be in pain afterwards?

You should not feel any pain immediately after the operation as the area of surgery will be numb from the local anaesthetic. As the numbness wears off, the area might become uncomfortable and then you should take painkillers. We will supply you with these, with information about doses.

Could there be any after-effects?

This depends on the operation. If there are any issues in particular to be aware of, they will be discussed with you beforehand. There may be swelling and bruising in the area of surgery, as well as some discomfort; the bruising is usually at its most obvious two to three days after surgery.

In the longer term, there may be a small amount of scarring at the operation site once it has healed.

When can I return to work?

This depends on your occupation and how you are after your treatment; it may be possible for you to return to work the next day. We will give you appropriate advice for your particular circumstances.

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