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Bath Oral Surgery Clinic – Specialist treatment for patients requiring oral surgery procedures

Stress free oral surgery in Bath

Treatments by a registered specialist Anxious patients especially welcome 2 treatment locations around Bath & Bristol



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  • Treatments carried out by an experienced registered Specialist.
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  • Treatments carried out by an experienced registered Specialist.
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The Clinic

Bath Oral Surgery Clinic was established in 2003 to provide specialist treatment for patients requiring oral surgery procedures. The clinic treats patients with optimal care and attention using clinical techniques that are evidence-based and in accordance with current national guidelines.

We are able to carry out a wide range of surgical procedures

    • Removal of impacted third molars (wisdom teeth)
    • Removal of retained roots/fractured teeth
    • Apicectomy and retrograde root canal treatment (for treating infection around teeth)
    • Exposure/removal of impacted teeth prior to orthodontic treatment
    • Soft tissue procedures (for the removal of lumps and swellings)
    • Removal of cystic lesions
    • Repair of oro-antral communications (between the mouth and the nose)

Procedures can be carried out under local anaesthesia alone or with additional monitored intravenous sedation if the patient is apprehensive of the proposed treatment and there are no medical/social contra-indications.

Oral surgery procedures should not be painful or stressful

We are very happy to discuss particular needs/concerns with patients and referring practitioners. We especially welcome anxious patients and fully appreciate that most patients will view the prospect of oral surgery with trepidation, even if it is required to help secure oral health. To-date, we have successfully treated many people who were extremely apprehensive beforehand and regard this as one of our specialities.

Get seen at short notice!

We also have provision to see patients at short notice if necessary, particularly if an emergency situation arises and prompt treatment is required. In such cases, Tim Milton can be contacted 07968 971 899; if a message is left, the call will be returned at the first opportunity. Alternatively, Contact Tim here.

What our patients say!

  • "Everyone at the clinic was so friendly and helpful, I was very reassured and indeed I had absolutely no need to worry. I have practically no memory of the operation, which was quite long, and there was no pain at all at the time "
    Miss J.PSomerset
  • "The level of care that Thomas received was wonderful to see. The sedative was given slowly and carefully until it was sufficient for the local anaesthetic to be given. He had all four of the teeth taken out, and was blissfully unaware of what was going on, even though he was clearly conscious "
    Mrs. A.PBath
  • "Prior to my appointment with Tim Milton I have to confess that I was apprehensive to say the least. However the treatment, level of advice, explanation and reassurance that you provided to me prior and during the procedure set my mind at rest and produced a very relaxed experience "
    Mrs A.CBath
  • "I had to have two teeth removed and was extremely apprehensive. I was kept informed of every detail of the procedure and Tim and his nurses were very kind. I had the sedation administered and before I knew it, I had the procedure behind me and I had no memory of anything taking place "
    Mr M.C.GGloucester
  • "If you have had a difficult time in the past with dental work or need something done that is not a routine procedure for a dental practice to do I would recommend you have a consultation with Tim Milton, it will be time well spent "
    Mr D.FWiltshire
  • "I am so glad that I went to see Tim for a consultation! After an examination, Tim explained the procedure and was hopeful of success. As I am extremely nervous when having any dental treatment, I opted for intravenous sedation for the procedure – which worked brilliantly for me "
    Mr J.MBristol
  • "Not a complete dental 'wuss' but, having had a bad experience with an extraction years ago, opted for sedation while I was parted from my wisdom tooth. What a good call. I was made very welcome, settled in the chair, the procedure was explained, a painless injection given and the next thing I knew ..... it was all over "
    Miss M.CBath